Albert Puntí


In the midst of the economic and social upheaval we are going through it is more necessary than ever to imagine a possible future. Now is the time to dream and imagine different futures, keeping in mind Plato’s words: ideas are perfect, but when they become a fact defects appear.

Utopia means the design of an ideal society, as a way to criticize the society we are living in and propose its evolution towards a better future. The word itself is a neologism created by Thomas More in the 16th century to describe an imaginary island that hosts a society which is perfect in every sense.

As a concept, the Utopia is perfect, but when humankind tries to put it in practice, they contaminate it with their own imperfections which is why many proposed utopias already contain the seed of dystopia.

The images within this project revolve around what I will call the “Techno-Scientific Utopia” which believes that the development of science and technology will allow us to conquer any challenge faced by humankind. It is without a doubt an utopia thought, corresponding with the dominant ideology of a highly technological society and which as a demobilizing power on the political level: It is not necessary to take any action to solve the problem, THEY will invent whatever it takes to solve it (be it the end of natural resources, overpopulation, climate change...)

In the images I’ve tried to go for a look which brings to mind science fiction movies such as Metropolis, Blade Runner or Dune, mixing futuristic and decadent elements that bring us close to a cyber-punk look.

Albert Puntí