Albert Puntí

Impossible Viewpoint

Manresa cathedral

This is an image of Manresa's cathedral, inspired on Dutch paintings of cathedral interiors, by painters such as G. Hougkgeest, P. Saenredam or C. de Man, that in the 17th century had specialized in this topic.

This image shares with them a perspective probem, as can be seen in scheme (1), in that the point of view is positioned outside the building. This is not an issue for a painter, but makes taking a photograph impossible, as it would be necessary to demolish the cathedral's lateral wall in order to take it.

Interior of Oude Kerk, Delft


Therefore , the only available option is creating a photomomtage, which also allows us to move the lateral altars in order to position the most interesting altars on the cathedral on the back wall, independently from their real position, as we are trying to offer a vision of the whole building.

In order to assemble this image of the cathedral's side, it has been necessary to take several frontal pictures of the chapels that we wanted to include, pictures of columns, find a floor in order to eliminate the benches, leaving the space free, just as in the Ducht paintings, as well as taking pictures of groups of people.

scheme (1)


Manresa cathedral    Manresa cathedral  Manresa cathedral