The journalist Jordi Cervera has been so kind as to dedicate some space in his magnific blog of Catalunya Ràdio, to the fact that I won the “Creative 2011”

2012 has started quite well, in January the Tower of Babel image won the first prize in the Creative 2011 contest, organized by Punt Multimèdia and Eines Multimèdia Golferichs (Barcelona).

The Utopia series is starting to take shape, so I have uploaded it on the website as a new gallery, as well as an explanatory text the project.

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The special characteristics of this project have made me feel the need to combine photography with 3D software. I'm just starting to explore the possibilities of this combination but I'm hoping to have some results soon.

From the 1st to the 29th of April , some of these images together with some images from the Cyber-Romantic landscapes will be exhibited at the Festimatge in Calella, under the title Utopia/Dystopia.


Pilar Delgado, responsible for the "el Dado del Arte"  (the Art Dice) blog, takes part in a project with multiple commissaries called "la Esposición Expandida" (the Expanded Exhibition), in which she has included some of my images from the Cyber - romantic Landscapes series.


I’m still working in the project Utopia, for the moment I will show only the image of the Babel Tower, because I have used it in the flyer for the exhibition in th 12Gats Gallery of Barcelona opening the 20th of october.

Tower of Babel, Utopia, Distopia,Catalonia, gothic,Tarragona,Cuixa,Barcelona,skycraper

These last months I haven’t been very productive, amongst other things because I’ve been planning a new project based around the “Utopy” concept. Out of the two images I’ve been working on lately, the first one belongs to the “Group portraits” series I’ve been working for the last two years, although it’s slightly different than previous ones on the characters are not together but distributed between several rooms in an office building.

office, hopper, portraits, photomontage, albert punti
The second image belongs to the new project, within the utopies that believe in an everlasting scientific and technical progress. I wanted to give this image an “futuristic” look based in the movie Metropolis.

utopia, distopia, new york, metropolis, albert punti, blade runner, chrysler building, barcelona, torre agbar, perspective


This summer I’ve been selected to participate in the Off Festival  (simultaneous to Visa pour l’Image) in Perpignan (France) from the 27th of August till the 9th of September, in the Centre Cultural Català-Casal Jaume I,  23 avinguda du Licée. The "vernissage" will be on the 6th of September at 18 h. p.m.. On the 7th the images wil be projected at the Place de la Republique.
We are all welcome to both events

visa off, perpignan, france


This last month I've been working on three images, each one very different form the others:

The first one is a country road within a small village, with very few cars and some people taking a stroll. The road is seen on a winters afternoon with the low sun projecting the trees'shadows on the road and the stone wall next to it.

group portrait, digital photomontage, shadows, digital photography, impressionist

The second one is the interior of a derelict building used as a living place by some homeless people.

group portrait, photomontage, digital photography,homeless,albert punti

The last one shows a corridor, one of these utilitarian spaces that we sometimes use without paying much attention, in trips or waiting periods that we think of as a waste of time.

corridor,albert punti,aeroport , Barcelona,albert punti,

The journalist Jordi Cervera has been so kind as to dedicate some space in his blog to my images.


During  March I’ve been working in images of interiors, as I’ve decided to prepare a project on this theme
The first image is located in a bookshop, where well illuminated sections and darker ones alternate to give a sensation of depth.

Paris,bookshop,english, albert punti, group photography, digital photomontage

The other three images show functional interiors: a parking lot, the hall of an airport and  an underground station.

parking,aeroport,interior,albert punti,digital photomontage

Barcelona aeroport, albert punti, group portrait, digital photography

London tube,albert punti,group portrait, painter,trompetist

(FEBRUARY’11) This month I’ve been working on three new images: two exteriors and one  interior.

The first one is located in a park with a winter’s light, and with a fountain in the middle. There are several  people in the park, but it seems they are crossing it rather than having a stroll, maybe because it’s too cold.

The second image is also an exterior, probably the most rural I’ve done since I began this series, we can consider it a landscape, with some characters  kayaking on the river.

The third image is a new perspective of the venetian church that I already showed last month, but seen from a very different  point of view.

(JANUARY’11) This month I’ve been working with materials from a trip to Venice I made in December.

The first one is an image of a café interior beside Rialto bridge, which can be seen through the windows.  I was interested in working the difference between the warm interior light and the cold light outside. The characters of the interior were photographed in several different locations

The second image is from a venetian church, where I have placed two groups of people: on the left ,  two groups of students, some that are listening to their art professor  and a second group of students only interested in themselves. On the right, a man and a woman, he is looking at her while pointing something that is out of vision (the eye doesn’t follow the pointing finger), and she is looking at the thing he is pointing at.
The light that comes from the vanishing point of the perspective reaches the first term of the image through the reflections on the floor, adding depth to the image and connecting the different spaces.

In the last image I wanted to work on the difference between the light in the interior of the workshop (where two craftsmen are working) and the darkness on the street.

(DECEMBER’10) This last month I’ve been working on three new images for the Group Portraits series :

cathedral,Troyes,France,albert punti,group photography, gothic, luminosity, painter, photomontage

-The first one shows the interior of a gothic cathedral. The light comes through the windows on the right, illuminating a lateral aisle.

Van Gogh, Venice, Albert Punti, group photography

-The second image shows the pronounced contrast between an artificially illuminated space and the darkness of a winter night in the city. This image is inspired on Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night (1888)

Venice,Italy,Sant Marco, albert punti, rain, group photography

- Finally, there’s an image of people walking under a light rain, in a square with stone archways.