Albert Puntí

Cyber-Romantic Landscapes

This project’s aim is to reflect upon the fragility of human projects, and comes from two different ideas. Firstly, the idea that our civilization (as any previous civilization) will come to an end and, secondly, at a formal level, the treatment of ruins in romantic painting.

In the 18th century, many painters aiming to improve their knowledge of Greek and Roman civilizations, travelled across different European cities, documenting the remains of these civilizations.

In this project I have used the same three elements as them: ruins– vegetation- painter, with one key difference, which is the originality of this work: here, the traveller does not admire the remains of a previous civilization, but travels to the future to see what is left of his own.

On another level, this project shows the range of architectural styles in Barcelona, mixing the concepts of documental photography with creative photography, so that the series shows a number of buildings representative of the city, escaping the traditional representations, already used in many guidebooks and brochures.

As a reference, I studied the works of painters such as Piranesi, David Roberts, C.D. Friedrich and many others. From Friedrich I took the idea of the romantic traveller, that usually stays with his back to the spectator, admiring the same scenary. Contrary to the modern tourist that stands in front of the monuments that he is visiting, always facing the camera, the romantic traveller doesn’t want to be the protagonist. He is happy just to observe and think about what he is seeing.

torre agbar

Some of the images of my project have been directly inspired by pictures of these artists.

parc güell

Palau de la musica

temple august