Albert Puntí


 Every one of us has to face several crises in our lifetime, the first one comes aged two or three years old to assert our personality, the second, better known one is adolescence, and the third, which is the one concerning us in this case, happens approximately aged 40 to 50. Everyone thinks their crisis is unique, with different causes, but we all follow a similar path (although with different degrees of difficulty).

Just as the character in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, one day you wake as a strange being. Yesterday, you were young and you had all your life before you to accomplish all of those projects from your youth that for some reason had been left on stand-by. Today, you realise that time has vanished, you are very far from your dreams and have very few chances of rectifying your path. The situation is complicated.Life has taken you where it wanted and maybe you don’t even remember where you originally wanted to go. You must reflect: Where am I? Where did I want to go? What should I do?...

In the end, there is a way out. You just need to find it